Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Repair

How to Repair Gouged Leather Shoes

(Rieker Shoes)

Nothing spoils the sheik look of a pair of leather shoes like a nasty gouge. The good news is that most areas on leather shoes can repaired and restored, leaving any sign of damage virtually erased. Most professional leather repair services do an outstanding job at this, but the fee is often close to the price of a new pair of shoes. Instead, you can opt to pick up a few simple products, and do the job yourself for a fraction of the cost.


1. Thoroughly clean the area around the damage with an alcohol swab. Allow the area to dry  
     before continuing.

2. Examine the gouge, and determine the shortest distance between any two edges of the 
    gouge. Apply a small amount of garment glue to the inside of the damage, and pinch the  
    area closed. Hold it manually until the glue has set.

3. Apply the liquid leather repair with a cloth, and rub it in a circular motion over the gouge. 
    Continue adding the substance until all of the small cracks have been filled, and the original 
    damage is covered. Allow the shoes to dry again.

4. Use the alcohol pads again to smooth the repaired surface. Wipe away any areas that 
     appear over-treated or heavily contrasted to the original leather. If you wipe away too 
     much, allow the shoes to dry, and repeat step 3.

5. Wipe down the shoes with the leather conditioner. Use a different cloth than you used for 
     the liquid leather, and scrub the entirety of the shoes with a circular motion to blend in the 
     repair job. The moisture will also help the leather stretch and adapt to its repaired state,  
     so  use the conditioner liberally.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rieker Shoes, Why They The Best Shoes You Can Buy!

Rieker is the worlds leading "Antistress" Shoe Brand.


Rieker-Antistress Women's Mirjam 87 Casual Shoes,Light Brown,39 M EU
Rieker shoes - Anti Stress for woman
Rieker shoes is the worlds leading "Antistress" Shoe Brand.

Rieker shoes - the brand-provide not just better shoes but the best people can buy. It not only looks good but also enhances the wearers lifestyle. The Rieker shoes footwear brand responds to the latest fashion trends producing this seasons hottest looks while at the same time maintaining its design features and attributes producing footwear that will provide the ultimate performance whether walking, standing or sitting. Special construction methods result in footwear of minimal weight while achieving maximum flexibility and significantly roomier interiors for foot freedom and maximum shock absorption.

The superior quality, product longevity and affordable pricing has resulted in the rapid growth of the Rieker shoes brand throughout the world. Rieker shoes is a German based company and was established over 130 years ago. It is now available in 62 countries around the world and is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe.

Features and unique attributes of Rieker footwear brand which make it a market leader.
Rieker Shoes incorporate special construction using lightweight and elastic components to achieve special "Antistress features" outlined below.

(1) Minimal weight
(2) Maximum flexibility.
(3) Roomier interiors.
(4) Optimum shock absorption.

Riekers shoes specially designed construction method ensure that shoes are very lightweight, comfortable and a proper fit at the heels to prevent the foot moving forward inside the shoes and thereby preventing pinching of the toes.

Rieker shoes footwear is extremely flexible because their is extra room built inside shoes which allows the foot to flex this feature is also enhanced by the manufacture of Rieker  shoes footwear, as their footwear is always handstitched this allows for more flexibility and also ensures the best fit at all times.

Rieker shoes have roomier interiors and are anatomically constructed to provide space to areas where the foot is known to expand through the day, providing comfort and maximum support.

Shock absorption
Rieker shoes, boots, sandals and mules have a shock absorbing system integrated within them referred to as "Antistress Sole Unit" which absorbs the shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface.

The Rieker shoes brands marketing strategy to maintain its competitive pricing structure and excellent retail price points has established the brand as a global market leader in the footwear industry. It's customer orientated philosophy of providing footwear of excellent quality and exceptional comfort at affordable prices not only makes Rieker shoes better shoes but the best shoes people can buy.

Rieker  shoes brand has won many prestigious awards

Winner, Draper Footwear Brand of the Year (2008)
Finalist, Draper Footwear Brand of the Year (2006)
Independent Footwear Retailers, Best Customer Service (2006)
Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2005)
Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2004)
Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2003)

Author by :  Elizabeth O'Donnell