Friday, June 24, 2011

Frank Wright Shoes Should Be In The Wardrobe Of Every Man - " Rieker Shoes " Must Be In Wardrobe Every Man

Rieker Shoes Must Be In Wardrobe Every Man

Compared to their female counterparts, the modern male tends to only have a small selection of shoes in his wardrobe. You obviously need something sporty such as a trainer for your outdoor activities and something suitable for when you go to work, but what about when you get invited to a formal occasion such as a wedding, christening or birthday party? If it is the type of occasion where a full suit or shirt needs to be worn, it makes sense to have a stylish pair of black shoes on standby.


This is where Frank Wright shoes could be one of the best purchases you could ever make as they are versatile enough to look good for every occasion. For over 100 years they have been producing shoes to allow the sophisticated gentleman to become a real trend setter, as Frank Wright is a brand that is as recognisable as anything else around. Their shoes give of connotations of quality and comfort, and when they are placed on the feet of a male they have the potential to turn him into the most debonair person.


One such Frank Wright item of footwear which can turn you into a style icon is the Zeno in black formal shoe. This is a slip on shoe that comes made with a wonderful trim and unique crinkle finish which can help add character to your feet. The small heel on the shoe can give you an extra inch of height and the cosiness felt as you walk will be worth the investment alone. The advantage of this slip on shoe is that you can have your footwear on and be out of the door in quick time, particularly when you are running late for an event.


If you after men shoes offering something a little different, try Loake shoes and Rieker shoes. 

Author : by Scott A Wells

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