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TravelSmith Men's Rieker Perforated Travel Loafer Whiskey 10

Product Description

Lightweight Loafer From Rieker Provides Instant Air- Conditioning For Your FeetUltra-flexible, super shock-absorbing and so very comfortable, these lightweight loafers are perfect for warm-weather travel. Elastic goring keeps them secure when they're on and makes them easy to slip off at security. The lightweight rubber sole grips the ground, the insole is cushioned with memory foam and perforated leather uppers keep your feet cool. Leather lined. Imported.Rieker Perforated Travel LoaferEuropean sizes 40-47; equivalent to U.S. 7 1/2 -13.

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    Friday, August 5, 2011

    Rieker shoes its a Fashion

    Rieker shoes fashion and womens

    The Rieker shoes cast of shoes is a German company since 1874. This aggregation has been accomplishment shoes for the accomplished 130 years. Rieker shoes is now accessible in 62 countries all over the world. In actuality this cast of  Rieker shoes is advised the better architect of shoes in the abstemious of Europe. Rieker shoes accept become so accepted because of its above affection as able-bodied as its affordability. Once you buy these shoes they will aftermost you actual long. These shoes are advised with the latest styles and they attending abundant on your feet. These shoes are additionally accepted for their comfort. The anti-stress agency is anchored in the shoes. Due to the accomplished appearance which are present in these shoes Rieker has become the arch cast in the apple of footwear.

    Some of the appearance of the Rieker shoes are as follows:
    The Rieker shoes accept minimum weight. The shoes are advised in a address that they are adequate to wear. Acceptable shoes should accept a acceptable fit at the heels and the weight should be as ablaze as accessible so that the bottom can calmly move advanced aural the shoes. In simple words it can be said that shoes charge not compression the wearer as they abrasion it. Rieker shoes accept absolutely these qualities. 

    The Rieker shoes are abnormally advised for the women of today. They are adequate to abrasion and do not aching the bendable anxiety of women. Also, these shoes do not become close about continued you abrasion them. Special adaptable apparatus are acclimated central the shoes for shock absorption. Due to this agency the wearer does not accept any adversity in affective about while cutting these shoes.

    Rieker shoes is additionally accepted for the bulk of adaptability it gives to the wearer. All the Rieker shoes from this cast are awful adjustable because they accommodate an added amplitude which makes addition of the bottom possible. Moreover, as these shoes are duke stitched they acquiesce alike added abundance to the wearer.
    This cast of shoes keeps in application the anatomical appearance of women's feet. The Rieker shoes are advised befitting in apperception that the anxiety aggrandize in the hot seasons. Thus the shoe should be such that it provides abundant allowance to the wearer to amplitude during the day in summers. 

    When it comes to the array of shoes offered for the women one would absolutely be afraid to attending at the accumulating offered by Rieker footwear. The boots that they action are artlessly baroque and every woman would admiration to accept a brace of her own. Besides, there is a advanced alignment accumulating of sandals as well. Amid the sandals the gladiator sandals are able-bodied known. 

    Finally, it can be said, these shoes are a hit amid bodies of all ages because of the flexibility, appearance and the abundance agency associated with it.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Top 6 Tips for Buying Shoes On-line "Rieker Shoes"

    Rieker shoes 


    6 Tips for Buying Shoes 


    1. Transaction on a secure website  and is well known.

    2. Look in Security logo Notice for payment via credit card transactions.

    3. Recognize the branch shoes  to be purchased, in this case rieker shoes are red.

    4. In order for free shipping, buy with a minimum purchase, ask your family or friends to buy

    5. Choose the model and size in accordance with the wishes and the size of your feet.

    6. Make sure the number, color and type appropriate, for example:
         Color  : Browns
         Style Name : Anke 58
         Shade  : Medium Brown
         U.S. Shoe Size  : 8.5
         Brand  : Rieker shoes Anti-Stress
         Heel Height : Low (3 / 4 "to 1 1 / 2")
         Material : Leather
    For more detail about shoes size standard US click link below:


    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Rieker Shoes - Tips Clean patent leather

    How to clean patent leather

    Rieker shoes  - Tips

    First step in cleaning patent leather shoes, when you have marks like white mark. You have to remove those marks. And so we are going to use a product that is called Lincoln Patent Leather Cleaner. And this is basically a solvent based cleaner and what that does is just takes and pulls those right off. So you want to wipe the shoe down. Making sure that you got anything that can be removed off the finish.

    Now you could buff the shoe and stop at that point but actually the easiest way to deal with patent leather shoes is to use Pledge Furniture Polish. This stuff is better than any patent leather polish that they make. It works great. So it is cheap. You probably have it in your house, and you just spray the shoe. Take a nice clean cloth and you know it does a great job of just cleaning and protecting that patent leather. The patent leather is actually a plastic finish that is on leather. Alright, and that is how you clean and protect a patent leather shoe.

    Saturday, July 16, 2011

    How to Repair

    How to Repair Gouged Leather Shoes

    (Rieker Shoes)

    Nothing spoils the sheik look of a pair of leather shoes like a nasty gouge. The good news is that most areas on leather shoes can repaired and restored, leaving any sign of damage virtually erased. Most professional leather repair services do an outstanding job at this, but the fee is often close to the price of a new pair of shoes. Instead, you can opt to pick up a few simple products, and do the job yourself for a fraction of the cost.


    1. Thoroughly clean the area around the damage with an alcohol swab. Allow the area to dry  
         before continuing.

    2. Examine the gouge, and determine the shortest distance between any two edges of the 
        gouge. Apply a small amount of garment glue to the inside of the damage, and pinch the  
        area closed. Hold it manually until the glue has set.

    3. Apply the liquid leather repair with a cloth, and rub it in a circular motion over the gouge. 
        Continue adding the substance until all of the small cracks have been filled, and the original 
        damage is covered. Allow the shoes to dry again.

    4. Use the alcohol pads again to smooth the repaired surface. Wipe away any areas that 
         appear over-treated or heavily contrasted to the original leather. If you wipe away too 
         much, allow the shoes to dry, and repeat step 3.

    5. Wipe down the shoes with the leather conditioner. Use a different cloth than you used for 
         the liquid leather, and scrub the entirety of the shoes with a circular motion to blend in the 
         repair job. The moisture will also help the leather stretch and adapt to its repaired state,  
         so  use the conditioner liberally.


    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Rieker Shoes, Why They The Best Shoes You Can Buy!

    Rieker is the worlds leading "Antistress" Shoe Brand.


    Rieker-Antistress Women's Mirjam 87 Casual Shoes,Light Brown,39 M EU
    Rieker shoes - Anti Stress for woman
    Rieker shoes is the worlds leading "Antistress" Shoe Brand.

    Rieker shoes - the brand-provide not just better shoes but the best people can buy. It not only looks good but also enhances the wearers lifestyle. The Rieker shoes footwear brand responds to the latest fashion trends producing this seasons hottest looks while at the same time maintaining its design features and attributes producing footwear that will provide the ultimate performance whether walking, standing or sitting. Special construction methods result in footwear of minimal weight while achieving maximum flexibility and significantly roomier interiors for foot freedom and maximum shock absorption.

    The superior quality, product longevity and affordable pricing has resulted in the rapid growth of the Rieker shoes brand throughout the world. Rieker shoes is a German based company and was established over 130 years ago. It is now available in 62 countries around the world and is one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe.

    Features and unique attributes of Rieker footwear brand which make it a market leader.
    Rieker Shoes incorporate special construction using lightweight and elastic components to achieve special "Antistress features" outlined below.

    (1) Minimal weight
    (2) Maximum flexibility.
    (3) Roomier interiors.
    (4) Optimum shock absorption.

    Riekers shoes specially designed construction method ensure that shoes are very lightweight, comfortable and a proper fit at the heels to prevent the foot moving forward inside the shoes and thereby preventing pinching of the toes.

    Rieker shoes footwear is extremely flexible because their is extra room built inside shoes which allows the foot to flex this feature is also enhanced by the manufacture of Rieker  shoes footwear, as their footwear is always handstitched this allows for more flexibility and also ensures the best fit at all times.

    Rieker shoes have roomier interiors and are anatomically constructed to provide space to areas where the foot is known to expand through the day, providing comfort and maximum support.

    Shock absorption
    Rieker shoes, boots, sandals and mules have a shock absorbing system integrated within them referred to as "Antistress Sole Unit" which absorbs the shock by spreading pressure over its entire surface.

    The Rieker shoes brands marketing strategy to maintain its competitive pricing structure and excellent retail price points has established the brand as a global market leader in the footwear industry. It's customer orientated philosophy of providing footwear of excellent quality and exceptional comfort at affordable prices not only makes Rieker shoes better shoes but the best shoes people can buy.

    Rieker  shoes brand has won many prestigious awards

    Winner, Draper Footwear Brand of the Year (2008)
    Finalist, Draper Footwear Brand of the Year (2006)
    Independent Footwear Retailers, Best Customer Service (2006)
    Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2005)
    Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2004)
    Independent Footwear Retailers, Brand of the Year (2003)

    Author by :  Elizabeth O'Donnell

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Rieker Shoes, a evaluation of Billing Garden Village

    Amazing offer of makers such as Rieker

    Rieker Women's Lea Calf Boot
    Rieker Woman's Lea Calf Boot
    Billing Garden Village is situated near to the the outskirts of Northampton, opposite the the well-known leisure venue of Billing Aquadrome. The complicated consists of the assortment of list outlets situated in and near to the Billing Garden Store. The list outlets, numbering 14 in total, provide almost everything from home furniture to Children's outfits as well as a ceramics studio. There is ample free of demand parking, a Cafe and all the common amenities that just one would presume to find; such as disabled toilets.

    The Centre, while looking instead hard and ready through the outside carries an amazing offer of concealed gems. The stores are distribute all much more compared to website as well as you need to investigate all the liitle corridors and entrances to make certain that you just locate them all.

    Billing Garden Store
    The Garden store, or Garden Centre, is possibly probably the most disappointing element in the complex. The layout is unbelievably hap-hazard and, while you can purchase most garden associated items, you will should consider a little of your time attempting to locate them.

    Access for that Garden store is straight down a ramp inside the corner in the complicated and while this may possibly appears instead daunting as quickly when you have just filled ou trolley complete of plants, there is consistently a member of staff members onhand to help you consider your buys back again for the car.

    Fish & Pond Centre
    The 1st in the instead properly concealed stores may be the fish & pond centre. The center has an fantastic assortment of aquariums in all shapes and sizes. Their slogan "run by fishkeepers for fishkeepers" sums up the attitude in the staff members and when blended using the thorough stocks and shares and keen pricing make this an amazing store.

    Nippers Northampton
    Something that you just do not presume to locate within a Garden Village is generally a Children's outfits outlet! Nippers Northampton has long been situated inside the center because may possibly 2008 and has made up a considerable bottom of normal customers.

    The high quality of products and costs are complicated to fit anyplace inside the city and while the store appears expensive, as quickly when you key in within to investigate you are pleasantly astonished over the prices. Nippers share an amazing and different assortment of children clothes, specializing inside the Disney assortment at fraction in the Disney store prices.

    Potz Ceramic Studio
    Potz is generally a vivid and modern ceramics painting studio founded for that complete family people to take satisfaction in making their individual masterpieces. providing an extensive assortment of pieces ranging from basic plates and mugs to huge platters and teapots there is something for that complete family. choose your piece, then producing utilization of the paints, brushes and stamps allow your imagination takeover. the instant fired, your product will make an perfect shock or keepsake.
    •  perfect for children's special birthday parties
    •   ideal for ALL ages and abilities
    •   huge set prices available
    •   Potz takeaway/mobile service
    •   distinctive provides on the marketplace through college holidays!
    All in all an fantastic method to devote a few several hours and again, not something you would presume to locate within a garden centre.

    R & F Factory Shoe Outlet
    Over 3000 pairs of high quality shoes in your circumstance to browse round at your leisure. an amazing offer of makers such as Rieker shoes, Hush Puppies, Doc Martins, Caterpillar, Fly Flots as well as several more. all the shoes and boots are reduced from makers RRP by amid 25% and 50%.

    Smiths Farm Foods
    The farm store in the center sells an amazing assortment of locally grown create at acceptable prices.

    As properly since the common farm store products you may also purchase frozen dinners just like ice cream, fruit & vegetables.

    I can advise their house founded pies

    The Meating Place
    The Meating place provides an amazing assortment of apps such as Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork, and bacon as well as sausages and Kebabs. You can instead generally be greeted over the smell of freshly cooked sausages when you receive away from your car.. good examples are on the marketplace outside the shop. The Meating place costs are all unbelievably beneficial as well as you can not fault the quality.

    Leading Labels
    Selling beneficial high quality men's & women's outfits at acceptable prices. a massive store finding a assortment of custom made makers just like Ben Sherman and Wolsey,

    When all is stated and finished this complicated carries a complete great offer to offer. The 
    setting, inside the summer time at least, is pleasant and there are lots of pubs/restaurants situated near for that complex. The store managers are generally friendly genuine people who will do what they are able to to help.

    Author : by Charles Buschman

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Rieker Mens shoes - The best is here

    Rieker children's shoes, ladies shoes, and men's shoes

    It is a myth that only women want to look pretty and all dressed up. The truth is that - quite like their female counterparts - men also like to look smart and well turned out on most occasions. A typical male of today has quite a few avatars. He could wear a stylish suit paired with a contemporary looking shirt for that all important office party. Or, he could be dressed more casually in a pair of jeans bought from a reputed brand; one look is completely dissimilar from the other. However, both these looks are incomplete without the right pair of mens shoes.

    Any person with some knowledge of style and fashion would thus try and keep different varieties of mens shoes in his closet. This way, he can be absolutely sure that he is not creating a wrong impression in circumstances that matter. These could be anything from important business meetings and corporate presentations in front of clients to a night out with friends and most importantly a date. Most women appreciate a man who is well turned out and so keeping one's clothes, shoes, and accessories just right on a romantic candle night dinner becomes that much more important. 

    There are different kinds of mens shoes that are being manufactured by some of the leading names in mens fashion. There are shoes from Clarks, Loake, and Rieker  shoea on the one hand and shoes from Hotter, Timberland, CAT, and Hi tec on the other. One could find a pair for many different occasions - there are the smart traditional shoes for formal parties and events and wide fitting shoes for a more relaxed night out with friends. Golf shoes and other type of sports shoes are also high in demand. 

    Independent retailers - sometimes with an online presence - have come up to take care of the needs and requirements in all these diverse spheres. Some of these online providers showcase the latest high street brands in mens shoes, women's shoes, and kids shoes and deliver excellence and quality in their services. The catalogs of some of these providers showcase an extensive range in mens footwear. Shopping for the right kind therefore becomes easier and hassle free. One can view the different options in mens shoes and select the ones that he likes. A buyer can also compare between products and take well informed purchase decisions. 

    A person can save quite a lot by buying from some of the more reputed online stores dealing in mens shoes. He could wear the best brands and make the most of special offers and loyalty schemes. 

    So, all you men out there who do not want to spend long hours at brick and mortar stores looking for the right shoes now have help at hand. You can now buy that perfect pair from the comfort of your homes by browsing through the online catalog of a reputed shoe retailer. 

    Author : by Marsh Magawon

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    Rieker shoes Make a dash for gold with womens athletic shoes

    Rieker shoes Antistress Daphne Women's

    You are what you wear and footwear, in addition to your apparel, is an important part of your personality. If you are a woman looking for comfort and protection for your feet, or are a sports person eager to perform, womens athletic shoes are what you need.

    Womens athletic shoes became popular during the 1980's when the aerobic exercise craze started. Women were looking for athletic shoes that provided the much needed support for working out, while also being stylish and comfortable. The shoes' athletic use quickly spread to walking, dancing, bodybuilding and cheerleading. Today, athletic shoes are also popular amongst women as casual wear shoes that go well with jeans, shorts, capri pants, sweatpants, tights or leggings. If you are looking for skillfully crafted footwear for your sports needs that also boost your personality, athletic shoes is what you need.

    Add some sparkle and flare to your athletic style and make a dash for the Super Cat Flash Hi Women's Shoes from the ice blue athletic collection. These shoes come with smooth leather upper. All over tonal logo print creates a wet, shiny look when it catches the light. Additional features include iced metallic log lace bar, patent leather logo initials and kitty overlay on quarter panel, metallic embossed logo on heels, embroidered logo tag on tongue, padded tongue with mesh lining, combination leather and fabric lining, padded collar and footbed for comfort and leopard print traction rubber outsole.

    Enjoy the elements in the Rieker shoes Antistress Daphne Women's All Weather Walking Shoes from shearling athletic. These European ankle boots have a full grain leather upper with a shearling lining for cozy warmth. The pillow footbed adds heavenly cushioning, while the waterproof membrane helps keep feet dry. A textured rubber sole grips surfaces to keep you steady. These shoes will never let you down.

    Go for the Women's Auckland WP Sneaker in the powder blue athletic shoes category. The rugged Auckland WP features a waterproof, seam-sealed suede leather and mesh upper with a protective abrasion-resistant toe and heel and rustproof eyelets lacing system. The boot has a lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole and a durable carbon rubber MDT outsole. The removable contoured EVA sockliner maximizes comfort on this great shoe.

    Hit the trail or explore the urban streets with the Keen Jasper Women's Athletic Inspired Shoes from the cork athletic collection. The suede upper is space efficient for easy packing allowing for a custom fit. The contrast stitching adds a stylish look making it the perfect shoe for any stylish woman on the go. The metatomical cork/latex footbed cradles your foot to provide arch support. A moisture-wicking lining encourages a healthy foot climate, while a non-marking carbon rubber outsole lends traction on a variety of surfaces.

    Keep a sunny outlook with the Skechers Sassies Blue Sky Athletic Inspired Shoes from sky blue athletic collection. This sleek womens casual shoe has a soft smooth leather and suede upper with mesh fabric for cooling air circulation. A fabric lining lends a smooth feel, and the stretch mesh fabric collar and bungee laces allow an easy, stretchable fit. Padding in the collar, tongue and footbed ensures cushioned comfort, and the low-profile, shock-absorbing midsole helps reduce impact and fatigue. The Skechers Sassies Blue Sky sneaker features a wedge heel for fresh style, and a flexible traction outsole for sporty stability.

    Go for the Women's Ridgeline Sneaker by Keen in the rose pink athletic category. The Ridgeline is a rugged outdoor shoe perfect for the active individual who seeks adventure. It features soft flex TPU bruising plate guards which protect the feet against rocks on the trail. This shoe also features an S3 heel support structure with a forefoot cushioning system. It also has an anti-bunch asymmetrical flex lace system with multidirectional 3mm lug outsole for added traction.

    Womens athletic shoes are now increasingly becoming popular and are now available in great variety of stylish designs.

    Author : by fashion expert

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Rieker Shoes Availability Of Different Brands For every Women

    Rieker Shoes Availability Of Different Brands For every Women

    When it comes to shoes for women they are very picky regarding the selection of the brand. There are wide varieties of brands available in the market today that produce shoes. All of these brands claim to be unique in some way or the other. It is largely up to the individual tastes and preferences to decide the kind of brand that one would go for.

    There are some brands of the shoes for women that produce only a particular type of shoes while there are some brands that produce wide varieties of shoes ranging from slippers to sandals to boots and many more. Some of these brands emphasise more on the style while for some the comfort and the quality is the major element of concern. Based on the different patterns of the shoes and their style and quality they are priced accordingly. 

    When the shoes are worn however, ladies must not only look at the aspect of style. But at the same time they should also consider the element of comfort. It is largely the feet that carry the body through out the day. Since the feet depend on the shoes it must necessarily be comfortable so that it can offer the maximum protection to the feet. 

    There are some brands of shoes for women that produce shoes specifically for women while there are some that produces shoes both for men and women. Some of the reputed brands of the women's shoes include the Ecco, the Rieker shoes, the Fly London shoes and many more. All of these brands are quite reputed and renowned as a result of which they have become quite popular. They are stylish shoes that can make women the centre of attraction. At the same time their shoes are made with good quality materials as a result of which they can offer the maximum comfort to the feet letting the feet breathe. 

    There is a general concept that the branded shoes are generally expensive. This is because of the logo of the brand associated with the product. As a result many women offer to avoid the branded shoes and instead they go for the local ones because it comes within their budget. However, this is an entirely wrong concept. Not all the brands first of all charge high rates for their shoes and secondly even if they charge high prices they are really worth the investment. The branded shoes are durable and one can expect that it would last for a long period of time. 

    Proper care should be taken for the selection of the shoes for women. It should be purchased from an authentic store in order to be assured about the quality of the product.


    Author : by Sagbee C

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Frank Wright Shoes Should Be In The Wardrobe Of Every Man - " Rieker Shoes " Must Be In Wardrobe Every Man

    Rieker Shoes Must Be In Wardrobe Every Man

    Compared to their female counterparts, the modern male tends to only have a small selection of shoes in his wardrobe. You obviously need something sporty such as a trainer for your outdoor activities and something suitable for when you go to work, but what about when you get invited to a formal occasion such as a wedding, christening or birthday party? If it is the type of occasion where a full suit or shirt needs to be worn, it makes sense to have a stylish pair of black shoes on standby.


    This is where Frank Wright shoes could be one of the best purchases you could ever make as they are versatile enough to look good for every occasion. For over 100 years they have been producing shoes to allow the sophisticated gentleman to become a real trend setter, as Frank Wright is a brand that is as recognisable as anything else around. Their shoes give of connotations of quality and comfort, and when they are placed on the feet of a male they have the potential to turn him into the most debonair person.


    One such Frank Wright item of footwear which can turn you into a style icon is the Zeno in black formal shoe. This is a slip on shoe that comes made with a wonderful trim and unique crinkle finish which can help add character to your feet. The small heel on the shoe can give you an extra inch of height and the cosiness felt as you walk will be worth the investment alone. The advantage of this slip on shoe is that you can have your footwear on and be out of the door in quick time, particularly when you are running late for an event.


    If you after men shoes offering something a little different, try Loake shoes and Rieker shoes. 

    Author : by Scott A Wells

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    Rieker Shoes, Menbur - Popular Comfortable Shoes And Sandals For Women

    Popular Comfortable Shoes And Sandals For Women

    One of the most expensive brands is Menbur walking shoes. Menbur gets high marks for travelers, especially those with foot problems. Roma Black by FitFlop is a beautiful sandal is often on vacation. Most of these shoes are fairly lightweight and has a comfortable shoe. They have been around a long time and has long been one chooses travelers checks. Many others famous footwear brands available at our online stores.


    There are a variety of footwear styles available on the online markets. Styles and modes are numerous but so far Menbur is the most popular and one of the shoes the most versatile style. The footwear industry is a large jungle and huge range with many varieties, despite all the other Menbur is the pretty popular and it is mainly because they are extremely comfortable.

    Many people now prefer to use Menbur for its multiple functions. If you plan to buy new shoes for fashion, you can choose to try a variety of Menbur that is not only elegant and chic, yet comfortable too.

    Over the years the formula has changed and has been combined with other styles, but it did not change the originality of the style. Despite all the new styles built in the old types of shoes available and different people choose to use Menbur mainly because of the convenience and exceptional quality for every occasion.

    Check out the others top trending shoes brand like, rieker shoes, cheap fitflop, lotus shoes, clearance shoes, moda in pelle at
    One of the most expensive brands is Menbur walking shoes. Menbur gets high marks for travelers, especially those with foot problems. Roma Black by FitFlop is a beautiful sandal is often on vacation. Most of these shoes are fairly lightweight and has a comfortable shoe.

    One of the most expensive brands is Menbur walking shoes. Menbur gets high marks for travelers, especially those with foot problems. Roma Black by FitFlop is a beautiful sandal is often on vacation. Most of these shoes are fairly lightweight and has a comfortable shoe. 

    Author : by Msmundo Sanitario

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Rieker - Popular Brand of Shoes

    Popular Brand of Shoes

    Riekers refer to the popular brand of shoes that are immensely popular worldwide. These shoes are popular due to their attributes. The material that these shoes are made of is leather and it's totally uncompromising. These shoes make you look and feel special too. Again these make you metamorphise into fashion icon and that too without drilling a huge hole in your wallet. These shoes are utmost comfortable and they make you feel warm when you encounter rain and snow and again during the heat of summers these shoes are airy and make you feet breathe the moistness if the air outside. The rains can be best enjoyed wearing these as these don't get spoiled due to their make and hence you can make the most of the weather without thinking about the damage that you are going to cause to the shoes.

    Apart from the above mentioned facts there are various reasons why this brand of Rieker shoes are preferred by people and these are:

    • Firstly the Rieker brand of shoes caters to the requirements of all kinds and ages of people. These shoes are perfectly customized according to the customer's preferences. It is due to this customer centric approach that these shoes are big hit everywhere.

    • Brand proliferation is another reason why these shoes are preferred especially by teenagers, men and women alike.

    • The flexibility that these shoes offer is another reason for its popularity. There is a wide array of products in the shoe category. For instance there are sandals, mules, boots and formal shoes to suit every occasion. Again each category has a sub categorization of shoes to meet the needs of customers. The casual shoe ranges has again diversification such as slip ons and lace ups. The formal shoes have various designs to suit very meeting that men can envisage. For women the boots are very fashionable and sleek. So the men and women are both spoilt for choice when it comes to the Rieker Brand of shoes.

    • Dressing up for a party or a dinner is incomplete without a suitable pair of shoes. The brand makes this easy making available all the kinds of dress shoes that one can fantasize about.

    • Pricing of these shoes are very reasonable and it is very penny worth of what is spent for these shoes.s

    • The leather used in such shoes is of excellent quality

    • These come equipped with shock absorbers and these are in the heel and at the sole also.

    • These make great footwear when it comes to exercises or jogging and these are very light on the foot. One feels like treading on air while wearing these Rieker shoes.

    This is too little for looking great and projecting an image which you have always dreamt of. All said and done these are precious and will only add value to you and your personality. There are various sites online which give information about these shoes. All these make the Rieker shoes amazing. 

    Author : by  Martin

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Rieker Footwear - Blending Perfection And Style

    Blending Perfection And Style

    Do you have a secret desire in you to be the crowd puller. Don't you ever feel you can be the centre of attraction of the party? Do you consider yourself a showstopper? I am sure there is secret desire somewhere hidden in your heart to be famous and a trendsetter. To achieve this dream, you need to pamper yourself with a brand of footwear that is designed especially for you. Yes, you are right I am talking of Rieker shoes. I am sure you give the same importance to the kind of footwear as the attire you desire to flaunt.

    Rieker, among all brands, which specialize in manufacturing shoes, promises style along with comfort. Shoes by Rieker is a brand, which is dedicated completely to fulfill your needs, demands and requirements so that you always feel good and happy whenever you wear them. The USP of this brand is that the shoes are meticulously hand stitched by artisans in order to pamper your feet with extra comfort and luxury. Let me assure you for this the brand procures the best material available in the market.

    Rieker shoes have earned the goodwill of customers like you for the last 130 years and had made a humble start in Germany. Since then they have been in the business of manufacturing shoes and with the passage of time the business spread its wings in almost 62 countries. At present, Rieker can proudly claim to be one of the leading manufacturers of footwear in the entire European fashion scene.

    Rieker footwear is a brand, which specializes in manufacturing shoes for both, sexes i.e. men and women. They take extra care while manufacturing footwear for women because they prefer something flexible to pamper her delicate feet and something comfortable, which she can wear the whole day. Rieker retains the same quality from its inception and is lightweight, which makes you feel lighter, stress free and make walking much more comfortable.

    Rieker shoes have a unique style and design which is different from the current trend of fashion and I am sure it will appeal to your personal style. Shoes by Rieker are designed by the best designers in the business, which results in out of the box innovation. The result of their painstaking endeavor is the latest design and style which hits the market and rocks the minds of the people leading to wide acceptance of the brand by the people and hence expansion of the business.

    You have the liberty to wear these shoes in all kinds of weather without the fear of getting drenched or sweaty during summer or winter season. These shoes are made up of specialized materials, which help the skin of your feet to breathe by absorbing sweat and helping in perspiration through its unique sweat absorption tendency.

    Rieker shoes have a wide variety to offer for both men and women and you can get them almost everywhere. Log on to in order to avail mouthwatering deals, offers and discounts.

    Author: By Martin Bows

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Stock A Pair Of Both The Clarks Womens Shoes And The Rieker Shoes

    Stock A Pair Of Both The Clarks Womens Shoes And The Rieker Shoes

    Among the various shoe brands available in the current date, it might be quite difficult for you to make the selection of the brand. However, the best idea to have a pair of two or three different brands of shoes and stock them up in the shoes collection. If you are still confused regarding the selection, you can go for the Clarks womens shoes and the Rieker shoes.

    As far as the Clarks shoe is concerned, you can be assured that they never compromise with the quality. They make their different shoes with good quality materials as a result of which wearing them you would not only feel comfortable but at the same time you can also be assured about the durability of the shoes.

    The Clarks womens shoes are practically designed in order to suit your lifestyle. Even after wearing it throughout the day, you would not at all feel stressed but to the contrary you would feel supported. There are great number of designs and styles available in these shoes. For any kind of occasion in any season, you would definitely find one that would complement with any kind of dress. Right from the boots to the sneakers to even the sandals, all are perhaps available in the group of the Clarks womens shoes.

    If you want a funky style or if you are desperate to get a classic look through your shoes, you need not worry because the Clarks Company would satisfy all your requirements. For any kind of dress, you would find a matching shoe.

    Though the Clarks womens shoes has been quite popular from a long time as a reputed brand yet its prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, it produces shoes for the masses as a result of which it would easily come within your afford.

    Apart from a pair of the Clarks womens shoes, you can also go for a pair of the Rieker shoes. These shoes are also a great option for your stylish feet and it would definitely make you look good to a great extent.

    Apart from being stylish they are also comfortable. Since they are quite light in weight, you would not feel its presence. This would help you to use this shoe through out the day. The Rieker shoes are available in wide range of colors, styles, designs and sizes. You would not have any problem regarding the selection of a shoe for your feet. They are in fact extremely beneficial for your feet and they would let your feet breathe properly. Thus when you use these shoes, you not only fulfil your styling needs but at the same time you also ensure maximum protection to your feet

    Author : by Ima Johnson

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Rieker Make Only The Highest Quality Shoes

    Rieker Make Only The Highest Quality Shoes

    The early shoemakers were artisans who created cottage industries based upon the patronage of the local gentry. They produced handmade shoes and trained apprentices to do likewise. It was only the Industrial Revolution and the concept of mass production that changed things dramatically.

    Suddenly the manufacturer could satisfy demand from a much bigger customer base and that was not the only change that took place. Leather had been the basic material predominantly although wood and canvas were others. This changed with the use of rubber and plastics while the development of adhesives meant that time consuming stitching was not essential.

    A further change came when other parts of the world challenged the traditional manufacturing industries of the West with their cheap labour force and strong work ethic. Suddenly the whole business had changed. Some traditional names maintained production in their original bases, rieker shoes while often opening new manufacturing centres for reasons ranging from labour costs to expansion of markets, the name "rieker shoes" spread. Different companies adopted different policies with some companies retaining a brand name but stopping manufacture and sourcing shoes from a variety of factories and asking them to be branded. Others with no manufacturing experience but marketing flair entered the market and have been successful.

    But new materials are not the whole story. The men's dress shoe is still made primarily of leather, both the upper and the sole, in whatever design fashion dictates at the time. More casual shoes may use plastic or similar for the soles, something a little cheaper and fitting for the many occasions during leisure time when meeting friends at the pub for a drink or a visit to the cinema, theatre or local restaurant.

    Laces have been traditional but elasticated sides and slip on using concealed elastic has added to the style options. However there are luxury shoes which do not involve the use of leather at all. The athletic shoes that are a product of the last decades of the twentieth century are made from plastics, rubber etc., yet have such design and comfort that they can command a good price. This can partly be attributed to the cost incurred to create a global brand and the ongoing cost of maintaining it. Used in such popular sports as basketball in the USA, and aimed to achieve all the demands of an athletic society, they revolutionised footwear as society began to enjoy more leisure time. 

    The shoe now matches clothing in its need to fulfil aspirations. The better a person looks, the happier and more confident he or she feels about circumstances, whether out on a first date, attending an interview or making a sales presentation. There is a microscope of pressure in modern life and the shoe plays its part in countering that microscope. Rieker shoes and the latest dress, style from rieker and the new designer in the favourite fashion house, ladies can meet the pressure of everyday life head on.


    Author : by Howard Kavin

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Rieker Shoes, The Name to Trust

    Rieker Shoes, The Name to Trust

    The Rieker brand of shoes is the season's hottest brand among footwear companies, the German based company has been in the business from over 130 years, its products available today in 62 countries and named the largest shoe manufacturer in Europe.

    It has become a popular brand for its superior quality shoes that are affordable priced and that last long. It looks great, has the latest designs and also maintains the flexibility and comfort of the foot with its special anti-stress features. The Rieker brand is the market leader for its specially constructed lightweight and elastic shoe components, the special 'Anti- Stress' features that are:

    Minimal weight of the shoes.
    The Lightweight quality of the Rieker shoes come with a special design on construction so that all shoes of the brand are comfortable, proper fitting at the hells and very lightweight sp as to allow the foot to be able to move forward inside the shoes and thus preventing the shoes form pinching your toes.

    Allowance for maximum flexibility in all shoe sizes and types.
    All Rieker shoes are very flexible as there is an inbuilt extra space inside the shoes that will allow you to flex your feet easily and thus provide the best fit---also, they are hand stitched, allowing for more flexibility.

    Roomier interiors of all shoes.
    The Rieker shoes are anatomically constructed, keeping in mind the fact that the foot expands during the day and allowing for room inside the shoe so that your shoes are comfortable, even in hot weather.

    The feature of maximum shock absorption from the body weight.
    All Rieker boots, mules and sandals have a special shock absorbing system that is integrated with the shoe ad is called the 'Antistress Sole Unit' that will absorb all the body weight on the feet by spreading the pressure evenly over the entire surface of the foot.
    The marketing strategy of the Rieker brand enables a competitive pricing strategy and great retail prices that make these excellent quality shoes quite affordable. The most comfortable shoes too, Rieker shoes have become a hit with people of all ages.
    The most important factor about Rieker shoes, be it for men, women or children, is the fact that they are handcrafted, comfortable and provide the most important factor for shoe wear- the anti-stress features of shock absorption and flexibility, which will ensure that the wearers do not have feet ache or the sensation of exhaustion, despite having to wear shoes all day. Also, these shoes are ideal for those on the heavy side, as they get ultimate comfort.

    Tip Top Shoes is an online company in UK dealing in all varieties of shoes and rieker shoes, bourne shoes, moda in pelle shoes brands. You can get all the rarest and exclusive pieces of shoes in the Tip Top Shoes galleries that you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

    Apart from this, tshe company has a huge customer base, because of its excellent customer care and support. The goods are delivered within two to three days of a placing order.

    Author : By Ima Johnson

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    Wear Rieker Shoes for Maximum Comfort

    Wear Rieker Shoes for Maximum Comfort

    There are lots of footwear brands in the market today. But there aren't many brands that are stylish and fashionable as well as long lasting. However if you are looking for a brand that offers you all of these qualities, you must opt for Rieker shoes.

    This brand employs experienced professionals who know what it takes to make high quality shoes that last long and also make the person wearing it look cool.
    The material they use is of unmatched quality and that is how they ensure that their shoes are the best. A lot of effort goes in the production and manufacturing of their shoes.

    They are a German company and have been around for over a century. They have only improved with time. After all, it's not an easy feat to satisfy customers for so long, especially when one sees the arrival of new brands every now and then.

    In Europe, this company is the biggest manufacturer and their shoes are sold in more than 60 countries.

    Rieker shoes has an extensive range for women as well. These shoes are extremely light-weight and one can wear them for a really long time without feeling uncomfortable. The material is so good that the shoes can endure a lot of wear and tear, something which not many brands can boast of. It is often seen that wearing shoes for a long time makes the feet ache and in extreme cases, one can even get blisters. That is certainly not true with Rieker shoes.

    Once you wear their shoes, you won't feel the extra pressure one feels in the feet while wearing bad quality shoes. Also, their shoes are available in such a wide variety of colors, styles, shapes and fits that you will be spoilt for choice. Rieker also makes shoes for all weathers. So, you don't have to worry about anything as all your footwear needs will be fulfilled under one roof.

    The shoes in their men's collection have a royal and classy feel to them and the designs are very unique and suave. In spite of being a company that has been around for a long time, they keep on experimenting all the time. They understand that one cannot take the consumers for granted as they are the ones who hold the key to any business becoming successful. In fact since they have been around for so long, they understand what it takes to keep their buyers happy.

    If you haven't bought Rieker shoes ever in your life, you won't know what you are missing unless you buy a pair of shoes from them and once you do, you will become their loyal customer.

    Author by : By Mike K Simpson

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Rieker Shoes Are Flexible And Comfortable

    Rieker Shoes Are Flexible And Comfortable

    If you are not satisfied with your usual brand of shoe, then let me make a suggestion: Go for Rieker shoes, which are among the best shoes on the market today.

    Quality is one of the essential factors one considers when purchasing new shoes, and you can be assured that these are of the highest quality. They are made with superior materials, and are designed to be durable for a long period of time, even after regular use.

    As long as you take care of these shoes, they will take care of your feet and ensure maximum protection.

    Rieker shoes are quite lightweight, so they can be worn comfortably throughout the day.
    They are designed with special elastic components for maximum flexibility, minimum weight and superior shock absorption capacity. These features make the shoes a great stress-reliever, and will keep your feet exceptionally comfortable.

    Rieker shoes are available in a variety of unique designs and styles, including flats and high heels. Since style is an important consideration when purchasing shoes, you can again rely on this brand of shoe. They will make a serious fashion statement.

    You can wear Fly London shoes with almost any kind of outfit. Fly London shoes offers a wide range of styles for formal and casual occasions, so you don't have to worry about finding the right shoes for any occasion.

    There are many different sizes available. You should always try to purchase the right fit, especially at the heel so that your foot doesn't slide forward in the shoe. Rieker shoes take care of this factor and prevent any kind of pinching on the toes.

    Though there are many different footwear companies, Rieker shoes seem to be the hottest. Despite their popularity, they are very reasonably priced and should easily fall within your budget. When it comes to style, comfort and price, these shoes are your perfect choice.

    Since the company focuses on each and every factor from the design stage to manufacturing and finishing, you can expect to get a great result. In fact, the popularity of these shoes has grown significantly because of the company's commitment to great design done right.

    Author : by Ima Johnson

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Rieker Shoes for Summer

    Rieker Shoes for Summer

    Hardly any label offers its customers as much choice of shoes, like the two labels Rieker Camel Active shoes and boots. Especially for the summer should be in every well-appointed wardrobe. 

    Rieker shoes and also the Camel Active shoes in the summer bring many benefits, because they are for a very lightweight and strong and on the other, but also combines well with the fashion trends of the summer.

    Short trousers or skirts can also combine the shoes of world-renowned brands and a great outfit can be completed. Despite the convenience, as a woman who does not want to miss out on a paragraph that should be necessarily the current collection of Rieker shoes for ladies watch.
    Here, the woman with a shoulder height cheat a little with this and fast times are 5 inches taller. Especially for summer clothes should not miss the Rieker shoes. As a man, the Camel Active Rieker shoes and the shoes will be considered. Both labels have their own charm and present themselves in their own way.  
    The modern man should always put great emphasis on his shoes that adapt their daily circumstances, and that the shoes can be a constant and faithful companion for years.

    For if the man is honest, is not just the shopping for shoes and his favorite activities is rather perceived as a burden. Who wants to equip itself for a long time with shoes, which upheld the above brands. 

    Author : by carmen